Sunday 14 January 2018

Density of Sound 55

A quite sublime collection of sounds this time. Brilliant spoken word stuff, some lush dub, lovely experimental electronica, psychedelic Balkan guitars and much more including water damaged pianos and surf inspired Russian rock. 

Download the show here. 


Dr Newrant - Black Babylon - Spettro Records
Rhythm Mates - Slap, slap, slap - BoniMedia
Mondo Algorithm - Migration - Tanukineiri Records

Negritage ft Zion Irie (Gueto discomix) Dubophonic
Silent Partner - Bluntedsesh7 BlocSonic
Pollux - Descend (on the road again remix by Rappeur qualite prix) - Sirona Records

VVAA - Short Poems from the diaries of the Great Migration - Hortus Conclusus
Sole Massif - Cyan - Bandcamp
Nada Baba - Gender Fluid (self released)

Foshun Roots - Double Sword Dub - Dubophonic
Gomez - Mineral - Sulky
Crno dete - Nije u meni - Ne-ton

900piesek - Goat's Gate - op for a dead pianino pts I&II - Signals from Arkaim

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