Saturday, 28 October 2017

Density of Sound 54

There's music from both Ancient and modern Greece. A meditation on the kafkaesque grimness of life in post soviet Bosnia, some amazing noise from Canada, glitchy broken stuff from the USA, haunting weirdness from Portugal, trancey blissful stuff, heavy stuff which sounds like wire cables being stretched, a psych freakout improv thing and lots more.

Life is mundane and terrifying. This is neither.

How in the name of whatever thing gives your empty existence some form of meaning can you not listen? 

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Robert Curiel - Satta (ft Ras P on Kete) (DIsFish)
Shipping - MiMB - (COld Fiction Music)
Domestic Wolf 359 - Domestic Wolf 359 (33rec)

Daitse - The Same Stream Twice (surrism phonoethics)
Ț◬Ҡ◬Џ - y∆n∆ ∆lLҠo Ț◬Ҡiy (Achochka Records)
KUB x Dr Dub - Shark Jaws (DIsFish)

Colin L. Orchestra - Out Peace (Lost Frog)
Protecious with Jared C.Balogh - Trust Absolute Unconditional (H-A-Z-E)
Ero Guro + First seed - Two Rooms (D-trash)

Silent Strangers - FRNTC (Section 27)
Coiso! - Absence of Light (Bandcamp)

Meho - Sandman - (Crna Zemlja)

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Density of Sound 53

In which the usual mix of unusual things happens in an order decided by me. Music from Scotland, China, France, Cambodia, Turkey, Canada and other places besides. Most of it unlikely to be featured on your average drive time radio show.

Heskin Radiophonic Workshop - For those who listen (Fwonk)
Ero Guro vs First Seed - The First Horses of 2009 (Dtrash)
Fiona Soe Paing - Daymoon Sun (Texture's illbient remix) (Black Lantern)

Kid Hideous - You Can't be depressed, Your a computer - Suzhou (soundcloud/bandcamp)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - China Flesh/Nazi School (Tanzprocesz)
C_C - nrin hus - Da heard it

Asher - I (Con-V)
No Brigade - Red Flag - (Dtrash)
Marrach/Bad Poet/Chtin Mara - Rain Out that Pours (Enough Records)

Hayvanlar Alemi - Equatorial Lies (Pakipi records)
Mute Speaker - Voodoom
Agee Tee x Kinlaw - Kos Bir (Fauna Remix)(Permalink)

Secrets of the 45 - Tooth City Girl (Bandcamp)

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