What is Density of Sound?

What's the deal? 
We play all sorts of stuff as long as it's available for free on the internet and any good. 

Why bother?
Because radio is an amazing medium and it's hard to find things that surprise or scare you (or speak to the depths of your soul in a way you didn't know possible) if you listen to the increasingly target audience, focus group driven mainstream radio or let algorithms guess what is a bit like things you already like. 

Because we grew up wanting to be John Peel. 

Why free stuff? 
Just because that's what we started off doing years ago and it's become the habit. Also because free stuff can be really interesting. The limitation makes it more creative or something like that.

Can I send in my music? 

Yes please. If we like it we'll play it - as long as it's free stuff. You can do that here

I'd like to make a podcast but I don't have money or owt like that to do it. 
If you've got a computer, download the amazing Audacity. I didn't use a mic for years, just the one in the laptop but my recommendation is something cheap like a Samson meteorite which I use will do you fine. Other podcasters will tell you about their studio set ups all day but Density of Sound is basically a laptop and some free software. 

Where do you get the music from? 
From scouring websites. Over the years some netlabels have proved amazing as sources of music but it takes hours of searching, rejecting and looking again to make one show. Places like the Internet Archive Netlabel collection, the Free Music Archive, ClongClongMoo are invaluable as increasingly is Bandcamp

How do I get in touch with you?
Listen to the shows, you'll find out that way. 

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