Monday, 28 May 2018

Density of Sound 58

What's in the box?

Loud, quiet and somewhere in between stuff from Bolivia, Argentina, Iran, Norway, Spain and elsewhere. Ambience, bassiness, glitchiness, guitars, samples and voices.

Stuff you won't hear on a radio show.

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Konkrete Roots - Bandulu Brukout (dubphonic)
Megahast3r - Miss Japan (Soisloscerdos)
i's - 08 brown grass (w. jass williams)

Fear of Heights - Waltz no 2 (Attenuation Circuit)
Art Electronix - Your Own Worm - (MNMN Records)
Frequency Decree - Kawaii (Nul Tiel Records)

Moussaka - S kim si, gde si
Liplug - Morgen holen wir dich - (PXrec)
Dabit Vocem Austria - Entrance (Attenuation Circuit)

Padang Food Tigers - Corn Stem King (Under the Spire)
DLC - Altar (feat41v1l) (Cieliro Diystro)
Imphepho & Akito Misaki - Burn (ft Minette Fourie)

Saint Abdullah - Mossadegh's revenge for 52 (Boomarm Nation)
Paperbark - Stakes is high
Wunderkammer - Papebo

Sentidos Alterados - Barrio Chino

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