Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Density of Sound 57

We got one dearly beloved old favourite in the mix and a load of the usual weird and wonderful anything goes as long as it's any good new to us stuff. And it's all good. Really, it is. Despite whatever evidence you may feel looking out your window and wondering how the fuck shit got like this and why it stays like it, this at least is good. Headphones on and set the controls for all over the place. 

Kenyan death metal, lovely deep techno stuff, Taiwanese synthesisers doing Shakespeare, field recordings of swallows, icy vocals, dub genius and lots more. What else could you possibly want from the next hour and 13 minutes of your life? 

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Avecrem - Fuego - Bestiar
Titus 12 - Hot no matter what
Warrego Valles - Botox

PFA - Sometimes only Swallows - Set Foot Press

Partido de la Costa - AK-47 - Pakipi Records (Argentina)
Ariadne - Mirror - The Kult of O

DaDive - Drifiting Cargo - Monokrak

Mrs. Watanabe - Heya (The Room) Kontingent Records
Inoath - The Bread of Disposition

Rewilding - Underwater Footage
Tex.ture - Pixelated - Fragments
LTZ - The Cloud -Capp'd Towers (Ralph Vaughn Williams)

WSP- Geometry - Murmure Intemporal

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