Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Density of Sound 57

We got one dearly beloved old favourite in the mix and a load of the usual weird and wonderful anything goes as long as it's any good new to us stuff. And it's all good. Really, it is. Despite whatever evidence you may feel looking out your window and wondering how the fuck shit got like this and why it stays like it, this at least is good. Headphones on and set the controls for all over the place. 

Kenyan death metal, lovely deep techno stuff, Taiwanese synthesisers doing Shakespeare, field recordings of swallows, icy vocals, dub genius and lots more. What else could you possibly want from the next hour and 13 minutes of your life? 

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Avecrem - Fuego - Bestiar
Titus 12 - Hot no matter what
Warrego Valles - Botox

PFA - Sometimes only Swallows - Set Foot Press

Partido de la Costa - AK-47 - Pakipi Records (Argentina)
Ariadne - Mirror - The Kult of O

DaDive - Drifiting Cargo - Monokrak

Mrs. Watanabe - Heya (The Room) Kontingent Records
Inoath - The Bread of Disposition

Rewilding - Underwater Footage
Tex.ture - Pixelated - Fragments
LTZ - The Cloud -Capp'd Towers (Ralph Vaughn Williams)

WSP- Geometry - Murmure Intemporal

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Density of Sound 56

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Lenhart Tapes Orchestra - Kurvin Vodenjak - Inverted Spectrum
Ero Guro - The night my skull blew open
I neurologici - Laylah Humano Baldio - Strato Dischi

Knifesex - Mother - Myrdal
Misleading Structures - Frustration
Junya Nishimura Garden 1 - Element Perspective

Moussaka - Malopomalo
DLC -Deseo, para los días último - Navidad Noise
Menion - Morbida oscurità - Peak rmx

Globoscuro - Musterbeispiel
Robert Curiel - Leave Me in Dub - Disfish
Tentato - Johnny Runner - ajlavsmusik

Nesstrak - A$$feet - lowers -
Turvia - AtrapaTraumas - Etched Traumas
Have Demons - Get Out - Terranean

Stars Sound System - Zoe's Matrix

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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Density of Sound 55

A quite sublime collection of sounds this time. Brilliant spoken word stuff, some lush dub, lovely experimental electronica, psychedelic Balkan guitars and much more including water damaged pianos and surf inspired Russian rock. 

Download the show here. 


Dr Newrant - Black Babylon - Spettro Records
Rhythm Mates - Slap, slap, slap - BoniMedia
Mondo Algorithm - Migration - Tanukineiri Records

Negritage ft Zion Irie (Gueto discomix) Dubophonic
Silent Partner - Bluntedsesh7 BlocSonic
Pollux - Descend (on the road again remix by Rappeur qualite prix) - Sirona Records

VVAA - Short Poems from the diaries of the Great Migration - Hortus Conclusus
Sole Massif - Cyan - Bandcamp
Nada Baba - Gender Fluid (self released)

Foshun Roots - Double Sword Dub - Dubophonic
Gomez - Mineral - Sulky
Crno dete - Nije u meni - Ne-ton

900piesek - Goat's Gate - op for a dead pianino pts I&II - Signals from Arkaim

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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Density of Sound 54

There's music from both Ancient and modern Greece. A meditation on the kafkaesque grimness of life in post soviet Bosnia, some amazing noise from Canada, glitchy broken stuff from the USA, haunting weirdness from Portugal, trancey blissful stuff, heavy stuff which sounds like wire cables being stretched, a psych freakout improv thing and lots more.

Life is mundane and terrifying. This is neither.

How in the name of whatever thing gives your empty existence some form of meaning can you not listen? 

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Robert Curiel - Satta (ft Ras P on Kete) (DIsFish)
Shipping - MiMB - (COld Fiction Music)
Domestic Wolf 359 - Domestic Wolf 359 (33rec)

Daitse - The Same Stream Twice (surrism phonoethics)
Ț◬Ҡ◬Џ - y∆n∆ ∆lLҠo Ț◬Ҡiy (Achochka Records)
KUB x Dr Dub - Shark Jaws (DIsFish)

Colin L. Orchestra - Out Peace (Lost Frog)
Protecious with Jared C.Balogh - Trust Absolute Unconditional (H-A-Z-E)
Ero Guro + First seed - Two Rooms (D-trash)

Silent Strangers - FRNTC (Section 27)
Coiso! - Absence of Light (Bandcamp)

Meho - Sandman - (Crna Zemlja)

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Density of Sound 53

In which the usual mix of unusual things happens in an order decided by me. Music from Scotland, China, France, Cambodia, Turkey, Canada and other places besides. Most of it unlikely to be featured on your average drive time radio show.

Heskin Radiophonic Workshop - For those who listen (Fwonk)
Ero Guro vs First Seed - The First Horses of 2009 (Dtrash)
Fiona Soe Paing - Daymoon Sun (Texture's illbient remix) (Black Lantern)

Kid Hideous - You Can't be depressed, Your a computer - Suzhou (soundcloud/bandcamp)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - China Flesh/Nazi School (Tanzprocesz)
C_C - nrin hus - Da heard it

Asher - I (Con-V)
No Brigade - Red Flag - (Dtrash)
Marrach/Bad Poet/Chtin Mara - Rain Out that Pours (Enough Records)

Hayvanlar Alemi - Equatorial Lies (Pakipi records)
Mute Speaker - Voodoom
Agee Tee x Kinlaw - Kos Bir (Fauna Remix)(Permalink)

Secrets of the 45 - Tooth City Girl (Bandcamp)

Direct download the MP3 (usual right click to save)

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Density of Sound Archive.

There's a new Density of Sound on it's way very soon but in the meantime, why not enjoy the archive by clicking on the image above and enjoying 30+ hours of stuff. If you're wondering what happened to Density of Sound 1-20, so am I.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Density of Sound 52

Echo TM feat Echo Ranks - Skylarking - Soundcloud
Quiet American - Khulna Station (for Andrew Raffo Dewar) - Webbed Hand
AyGeeTee X Kinlaw - Kos Bir (Fauna Remix) - Permalnk

Dr Remix - Apache - Natty Droid
Same Actor - Tout Orielle - Spirit of Gravity
Underscore Orkestra - Siren Song - FMA

Ghosts - Sniper Wolf - Bad Panda
I Neurologici, Simone Isidori, Pazmiño, Manicomio - Viracocha - Strato Dischi
Sonata De Kinor - 1 mvt - Aurelien Perderzoli - Pany Rosas Discos

Lluvia Acida - Cine Cervantes - Pueblo Nuevo 
Shark Dentures and Sorcery Orchestra - Creep Carefully featuring Oldes and p.Wrecks - self released/Bandcamp
Heskin Radiophonic Workshop vs Kattarrhaktes - Gopher - Fwonk

Trium Circulorum - For the Sad, The Mad and the Lonely (Part 1) Fwonk 

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