Friday, 8 April 2016

Density of Sound 52

Echo TM feat Echo Ranks - Skylarking - Soundcloud
Quiet American - Khulna Station (for Andrew Raffo Dewar) - Webbed Hand
AyGeeTee X Kinlaw - Kos Bir (Fauna Remix) - Permalnk

Dr Remix - Apache - Natty Droid
Same Actor - Tout Orielle - Spirit of Gravity
Underscore Orkestra - Siren Song - FMA

Ghosts - Sniper Wolf - Bad Panda
I Neurologici, Simone Isidori, PazmiƱo, Manicomio - Viracocha - Strato Dischi
Sonata De Kinor - 1 mvt - Aurelien Perderzoli - Pany Rosas Discos

Lluvia Acida - Cine Cervantes - Pueblo Nuevo 
Shark Dentures and Sorcery Orchestra - Creep Carefully featuring Oldes and p.Wrecks - self released/Bandcamp
Heskin Radiophonic Workshop vs Kattarrhaktes - Gopher - Fwonk

Trium Circulorum - For the Sad, The Mad and the Lonely (Part 1) Fwonk 

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