Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Density of Sound 51

A surprisingly upbeat Density this time with some brilliant stuff from a whole variety of genres. Reggae, abstract contemporary dance soundtracks, hiphop, mind meltingly good electronica and some classical stuff.  

Orxata - Hi Ha Los (self released/bandcamp) 
Gozne - AstroDinamiko (bumpfoot) 
ESCAPE ROOTS feat.Tom Spirals - When the Going gets tuff (dubcombe)

Skinfaxe - Fluo Aorta (da! heard it) 
Poppy Nogood - Robot Tears (Fwonk) 
Bebawingi - Did you get... (Strato Dischi) 

Volfoniq - Horizon Bizzare (LCL) 
Black Howler - Widdershins (A Dead Man in Deptford) (Classwar Karaoke) 
adcBicycle - Walk Along the Wire) (Southern City's Lab) 

Krowne - Blackhole Gang ft, Questionmark, Harliquinade and Texture (Black Lantern Music
June or July - Submerged Radio Transmission (bestiar)
Third Person Lurkin - Floatation Device (Dusted Wax Kingdom)

Le Parody - Family Trip (Bandcamp) 
Louis Lingg and the Bombs - Old Skool Boom Boom - Antilo's 416 remix (NXL) 
Titus 12 - Human Face (Planet Terror)

Balkansky - Zero Gravity (Abstrakt Reflections)    
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In the works: Soon
Something dubwise - been ages since we've had a dub show and loads in the bag, so why not... 
Something dark. Turn out the lights. Get dark. We're all going to die! Noise... 

In the works: in a bit
Yer usual mix of things. 

Much love D.O.S x 

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